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About Karoor Soman

London based, Indian, Kerala State born writer from Charumood, is a Malayalam and English writer. He has written dramas, novels, English novel, bala novel, history, biographies, poems, essays, short stories, travelogues, sports, science and tourism. Till date, he has fifty one books published by well known publishers which spans four decades and he has visited thirty five countries. He has received more than twenty prestigious awards and recognitions from prime minister, chief ministers and literary personalities.
During his high school years he started writing poems for Balarama, a children magazine and later turned to write radio dramas of which Kartanittu and Karmekham were broadcasted by Trivandrum and Thrissur radio stations in Kerala. After the 1970s, he was the only youth member for the Kerala Yuvasahitya Sakyame from Mavelikara which was run by Malayalam Manorama, Kottayam. In 1972, his controversial drama "Eruladanja Thazhwara” was presented at Thamarakulam High School. The play portrayed the abuse of police towards society. He got the best character actor in the competition at the Annual Day Celebrations. This drama was watched by some of the attending student's parents who worked at the Mavelikara police station. After the drama some of the police personnel accused him of being a naxalite and threatened him. The police came to know that the same drama was to be played at the Nooranadu Leprosy Auditorium on their Annual Day. As predicted the police were not so pleased about this news and decided to plan a trap for him. They conjured a false police case against him connected with Naxalite group and had him arrested, beaten and tortured at the Mavelikara police station. This was his first punishment for bringing out the love and truth that he had towards literature writing. The police and his parents threatened him to stop writing or leave Thamarakulam/Charumood. Lastly he escaped to North India, Ranchi where he worked for the Daily newspaper called Ranchi Express. During this time he also wrote drama and songs for Ranchi Angel Theatres. Later on his dramas were played in Agra, Delhi, Bokaro, Ludhiyana and Mumbai by the Malayalam samajam and associations. In 1975, his first ‘Kalayum Kalavum’ was published by Ranchi Malayalaee Association Magazine called malayalee. In 1985, Kottayam Vidhyarthi Mithram published his first musical drama "Kadalkara". He wrote his second musical drama "Kadalinakkare Embassy School" which was the first Malayalam drama from the Gulf countries. His recent English novel is called Malabar Aflame and was released in the British Parliament. He publishes Pravasi Malayalam Magazine from London and acts as Associate Editor, Editor and representative of various publications. During the London Olympics 2012, he reported London Diary for Madhyamam Malayalam newspaper from London. He has also been the Chairman of World Malayali Council for the Middle East and African regions and he was the Literature section Convenor and Chief Editor of Jawala magazine for the biggest organization in UK called UUKMA. Karoor Soman has endeared himself to the Keralites in the fascinating world of Malayalam and English Literature.
Wife: Omana Theeyattukunnel, Children: Rajeev, Simmy, And Sibin